Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Why Vinyl? 4 Super Benefits Explained

Vinyl flooring has evolved a lot since its early days and we think it’s becoming a pretty great contender on the flooring scene. So, we’re highlighting 4 reasons why vinyl might just be the next hero your home sees.

1. The Moisture Stopper

Vinyl is seamless and protected with a moisture-resistant layer which keeps any unwanted messes from seeping through. While this is especially great for wet messes that may cause damage and mold, this also applies to dry particles like dust or dirt. Vinyl is one of the easiest floors to clean.

2. The Time-Tested Triumph

Vinyl is known for being durable and will not lose that durability over time. Vinyl’s wear layer gives it a thick, protective shell against impacts from foot traffic, heavy furniture, gouges or other dents. For better resistance, make sure the product you choose has a thicker wear layer.


3. The Stain Resistor

Because of vinyl’s impenetrable surface, stains won’t leave a mark. Vinyl’s wear layer can be made up of urethane, enhanced urethane or resin which keeps it clean and strong. The type of protective material you choose will determine the ease in which your floor can stain. The most effective material is enhanced urethane.

4. The Cushioned Comforter

Though vinyl is made from plastic and other materials, it has a very pleasant, cushioned feeling underfoot. If you anticipate spending a lot of time walking around in this room, vinyl is a great choice. There are also non-cushioned vinyl products that work well in low traffic areas. Luxury vinyl flooring, or LVT, has fiberglass backing that offer the most comfort. LVT is also available in planks or tiles, rather than the traditional sheet, which gives you more options for style.

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