Armstrong Laminate flooringArmstrong Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is no longer that shiny plastic looking floor trying desperately to appear like the real hardwood, tile, and stone. No, laminate has come a long way over the years. Its durability makes it perfect for high traffic areas, and thus has been used for property management and commercial flooring projects. Yet, with homeowners looking at LVT floors more, you may be wondering what makes laminate floors a standout. Though we offer a wide selection of laminate brands at Wills Carpet One Floor & Home, Armstrong laminate flooring proves to standout among the laminate competition. 


Armstrong’s laminate floors are constructed of four layers: 
  • Wear Layer: Protects the floor from fading and stains

  • Design Layer: The photographic image to mimic wood, stone, brick, or ceramic

  • Inner Core: A High Density Fiberboard, which provides stability, durability, moisture resistance, and sound absorption

  • Backing- An extra moisture barrier to protect the floors from expanding

Armstrong laminate flooring’s constructive layers provide strength throughout. With each layers protective barrier, your laminate floor will sustain its appearance years down the road. Additionally, with its water, stain, and wear resistance, Armstrong laminate floors can be installed over any existing floor with no restrictions. High traffic areas aren’t a problem for these laminate floors. Whether you are looking find a solution for warping floors in your bathroom, or a floor that will sustain its color in the sunlight, Armstrong laminates construction is made to endure temperature, light, and humidity changes. 


Armstrong laminate floors ability to retain its color years down the road makes it a contender with the durable LVT floors. However, one of the greatest benefits to Armstrong laminate floors is its designs. Armstrong’s manufacturing technique allows them to create depth, textures, precise detailing, and natural looks of the real hardwood, ceramic, brick, and stone you desire most. 

The color variations, distinctive grain, and in depth textures will have you thinking you are looking at real Armstrong hardwood. However, it isn’t just hardwood that these laminate floors can imitate perfectly. Armstrong is also able to impersonate ceramic and stone flooring easily. Not to mention, with a variety of colors and patterns to pick from, you are guaranteed to find the floor to match your homes personality. 

Armstrong laminate floors are more than just an average floor. Armstrong provides affordable laminate floors that easily mimic the real hardwood, stone, and tile floors your desire. Additionally, its layers of durability allow you to rest easy knowing stains, scratches, water, and sunlight won’t sabotage your floor.

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