• Dec 12, 2011
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Carpet Donation to Des Moines Habitat for Humanity


After a recent photo shoot for upcoming Carpet One Floor & Home advertising materials the carpet remnants used were donated to the local Habitat for Humanity. Six 12’ x 18’ foot rolls of carpet were given to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Des Moines, IA. The profits from the ReStore help support the local Habitat for Humanity efforts as well as their global efforts in El Salvador.

The carpet leftover from photo shoots is in great condition and because we often need to shoot a whole room of carpet, it is large enough to use as wall-to-wall carpeting in someone’s home. Carpet One Floor & Home makes every effort to donate carpet used in photo shoots, conventions and home show to a local charitable organization.

 Learn more about the Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity and their ReStore.

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