How to Prevent Carpet Fading

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How to Prevent Carpet Fading

Carpet tends to fade over time - as anyone who has moved will notice once the furniture is out. The primary cause of carpet fading is sun exposure. Closing the blinds during the day when you are not present will reduce the effect of sunlight and can also help lower cooling bills in the summer. If you would rather not close the blinds, then UV window treatments can also help reduce sun fading.

Carpet Fading Causes

A fluorocarbon protector, which can be acquired from a carpet store or hardware store, will temporarily protect the carpet from sun fading and also from stains and mud. It should be applied after professional carpet cleaning, or it will seal dirt in. It will also have to be reapplied every time your carpet is deep cleaned, which can become expensive.

How to Restore Carpet Color

Take care when using chemical carpet cleaners, for some of these can fade color. If you know your carpet's manufacturer, check their care instructions. If you don't, then test any new cleaner on a small unobtrusive area of carpet first to see if it causes fading or stains - in a corner or under a piece of furniture you seldom move works well. Always clean up spills immediately before they can become a stain.

Why does Sunlight Fade Colors?

Sun fading can sometimes be reduced by a salt water application. After vacuuming, dissolve salt in hot water and apply with a damp cloth. Then, when it is dry, vacuum up the salt. Of course, some carpets actually look better for a bit of fading, but for the most part you chose that color for a reason and want to keep it.

If in doubt, ask for advice from a professional carpet cleaning company on how to reverse fading, remove stains, and prevent further damage in the future.

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