Carpet Cushion

carpet cushion batavia ny

There are constant innovations in carpet these days. New products can feature benefits including everything from waterproof to stain resistant and amazingly soft. So, it can be tough to imagine why these high-performance carpets would need anything else to help pad down their fibers, but the truth is, there is a pretty important component to carpet, and its benefits lie below the surface. Carpet cushion provides protection to your carpet above it and the subfloor below it. Similar to how area rugs are backed with canvas or other cushion to keep them in shape, carpet cushion adds durability, protection and cleanliness that can’t be achieved without it. Read more to find out how to install carpet cushion in the best way from us at Will’s Carpet One in Batavia, NY.

Compare It

Take a second to think about a real-world comparison. Phones today have evolved into almost a different species from the phones we knew ten years ago. Is there anything our phones today can’t do? When you go to buy a new phone, do you think twice about protecting it with a new phone case? Carpet cushion works the same way as a phone case in that it will alleviate some of the caution and care you use when you’re in the room. 

What's Next?

Now that you’re ready to protect your carpet with a carpet pad, what comes next? Carpet padding can be made out of a few different types of materials, such as foam, fiber and rubber, so choosing the right one for your carpet or lifestyle is key. Our staff of expert flooring consultants is here to answer any questions you have about carpet cushion and can recommend great products to go with a new carpet! 

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