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Wall to Wall Carpet Trends

Flooring is common component of being a homeowner, so before you make any major renovations, there are a few things to consider. Carpet can be a very affordable and stylish option, but when you shop there are a few tips that can make the whole process much easier. This is everything you need to know about the two major components of carpet shopping.

Carpet Color Trends

When it comes to picking the best color for your floor, there are a lot of things to consider. The long staple is to choose neutral colors. They hid dirt and stains, they are more appealing to a wide range of potential buyers and they’ll match the most furniture options. Grays, muted blues and earthy greens are the more common colors that serve this purpose.
If you aren’t really into staying too neutral, patterned carpet flooring might work better. A good pattern still hides dirt and can match a wide range of furniture and styles, but it’s a lot more interesting. The flooring can be a centerpiece, or at least a bigger contributor to the style of the room.
Then again, some people need to express themselves more than they want to plan for a future sell. That’s perfectly ok. If you find yourself in this group, you still have a lot of options. Softer colors are still more popular and easier to find than something bold, but from warm greens to soft blues or a nice berry tone, don’t let too much “practical thinking” ever stop you from getting the carpet you love. 

Carpet Style Trends

This is the other major part of carpet shopping. You want a weave that feels good, but there is actually a lot more that goes into the choice. This biggest thing that is easy to overlook is foot traffic. A living room needs a much more durable weave than a bedroom, and durability often corresponds to how plush carpet flooring feels. You can get soft choices that are plenty durable, but they might not be as thick, since thicker weaves show wear much faster.
Wool is the most common and popular texture that you can find, but you can step away from the staple. Let your sense of touch be your guide for this choice, as long as the fabric is rated for the amount of foot traffic you expect.

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