Custom Area Rugs

Design your own area rug. Pick out a carpet and we will cut and bind it in store to your specific dimensions

Best Area Rug Ideas

Customized Area Rugs

You have changed your living room around numerous times, repainted, added new furniture, but something still seems to be missing. Luckily our design team at Wills Carpet One Floor & Home in Batavia, NY are here to help. Now, before you rearrange everything in your living room again, we would suggest you try adding an area rug to your living room. No matter if you have a hard surface floor or carpet, and area rug can add a pop of color that can bring any room together. 

Decorating with Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors

Deciding on the right area rugs is easy with our design professionals. Not only will we discuss your options, but we will provide you with samples of different material textures and colors so you can see which is the best style for your home. Also, feel free to browse our catalog for more intricate patterns.  No matter what style décor you have, Wills Carpet One Floor & Home will have the perfect area rug to fit your space. 

Custom Made Area Rugs

The best part about our area rug offers is that we can bind the rugs in our store. Not only does this make the process quicker, but it allows you to pick up the rug right in the store right when it is finished.

Area rugs come in many textures, whether they are made of yarn or wool. We offer cushion backings to prevent damages to your floors and make for a comfier area rug.

Area Rugs from Wills Carpet One Floor & Home are custom made for your home. Whether you are looking for a large area rug, or a specific shape, we will help you design the one you envisioned. Your options for area rugs are unlimited. Even if you need to add a pop of color to your dining room, create a safer entry way for guests, or create a new focal point at the bottom of your bed area rugs are incredibly versatile. 

To learn more about our area rugs at Wills Carpet One Floor & Home, contact us today or visit our showroom in Batavia, NY