Flooring Options Batavia, NY

A homeowner should have some basic knowledge of available flooring options to make the best choice for their situation. A failure to possess this information can result in a mismatch that will waste time and money. To avoid this problem, here are the major flooring categories from which the average household has to choose.


Most homes have carpet laid throughout much of the area. Some rooms, especially those belonging to children, benefit immensely from being carpeted. This flooring style helps keep rooms warm and free of moisture. Also, small children who could get seriously hurt from falls on hard surfaces receive the protection they need on carpet floors.
It is best not to use carpet in kitchens because of the fire hazard. Likewise, avoid carpeting bathrooms, as the moisture from showers will pose problems.
Unfortunately, carpet is highly susceptible to stains. Spilled liquids are a common occurrence in homes. Having a stock of cleaning solution to keep carpet in top shape is a must.


Vinyl is seamless, which makes it a good option for spaces given to lots of moisture. Use vinyl in  laundry rooms and bathrooms. Kitchens are another area where laying vinyl comes highly recommended.
In the past, vinyl was a bit gaudy in appearance. Today, science has brought luxury vinyl tile, which means owners can enjoy flooring that looks as fashionable as hardwood.
Ceramic Tile
Produced in a high-temperature kiln, ceramic tile is best for use in spaces where water can be a problem. The protective glaze defends again water accumulation in bathrooms and basements.


Before carpet, there was hardwood flooring. This traditional style still retains its regal appearance.
Homes with wood floors increase in value. Thus, anyone who considers their home an investment should consider wood.
For families, hardwood is a top choice because of its durability. Wood can withstand regular foot traffic easily. Moreover, liquid spills can be cleaned in no time.
Do not use wood floors in bathrooms or other areas given to high moisture levels. Too much moisture can lead to uneven planks, which is most unsightly.


Homeowners often choose laminate floors to save money without foregoing on appearance. Manufacturers use recycled materials to produce laminate products, which helps keeps prices reasonable.
It is possible to purchase a protective seal to guard against scratches. This is probably the best laminate flooring on the market.

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Armed with this general knowledge, any homeowner can begin discussing their unique needs with an industry professional.