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kitchen flooring ideas and trends

A kitchen floor is a place where you can express your creativity, expand your practicality and improve the value of your home. The best part is that these ideas are not mutually exclusive. With the latest in kitchen tile, you can have access to the best of every world. The best advantages of tile is that it is one of your lower cost options and it will require the least amount of upkeep. In the past choosing tile may have meant sacrificing style, but that is no longer the case. These are the four hottest trends in tile flooring.
Wood floors are all the rage these days. It can be one of the more costly options, and it requires a bit more maintenance. The wood needs to be treated or every spill becomes a potential catastrophe. If you want your kitchen to look good without the drawbacks of wood, consider tile flooring that is specially designed to match the aesthetic. You get the durability and low maintenance of tile with the beautiful look of a crafted, reclaimed-wood floor.

This is another case where special tile can replicate another look. Stone floors have a rustic feel to them, and they mask spills and crumbs extremely well. On the other hand, being barefoot on stone, especially in extreme weather, is never fun for anyone. Travertine kitchen tile gives you this look for a fraction of the cost of real stone and all of those nice tile benefits.
This is a style all its own. Porcelain tile flooring offers a low budget option that emphasizes easy care and durability. You can expect these floors to last a very long time, and you’ll enjoy them with little stress as they require practically no care. They come in a wide range of colors and cuts, so you can customize to your heart’s content. The only major drawback with porcelain is that it can get slippery, so consider other options if your kitchen will receive wet traffic from being near the pool.
Going Green
Green floors are an exploding market. Thankfully, you can have a beautiful finish while protecting the environment. New options appear every day, and you can choose from exotic options like linoleum finished cork or simpler ideas like standard tile produced with reduced emissions. Whatever you choose, you can get a custom option that will reduce the amount you need to spend on heating and/or cooling every year, further contributing to the cause.