Tile Design Ideas Batavia, NY

Are you considering tile as a flooring option? Have you already decided tile is the floor for you but don’t know much more than that yet? While performance and longevity are major factors in choosing a product, one very important component is look. Plus, at Wills Carpet One in Batavia, NY, our products feature the best warranties in the business. The style of your floors can be the base for the rest of your room’s décor and can even determine it, and when it comes to look, tile flooring is one of the most versatile options. Tiles can be arranged in so many different designs and patterns because they are installed as individual pieces. Tiles are also available in different shapes and sizes. Have additional questions about designing with tile? We at Wills Carpet One are here to help, but in the meantime, we hope to inspire you with a few of our favorite tile designs.

Square: standard, clean, crisp and straight. Place tiles in uniform lines on the floor for a clean finish.

Offset: uniform and brick-like. Lay tiles down in alternating rows, and different colors achieve a unique design.

Diagonal: flipped, crisp, pointedly precise. Flip square tiles on their side to show a diamond shape and line up in a row.

Checkerboard: synchronized and bold. Alternate two colors of tiles to make a checkerboard.

Basketweave: Alternating tiles mimic a woven basket through the illusion that they are crossing under and over each other.