Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

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Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring 

They say everything old becomes new again, and that’s certainly true when it comes to flooring trends. A farmhouse favorite of days gone by, wide plank hardwood is enjoying its second coming as a trendy option for homes of all types. Bringing a new face to an old classic are all the latest colors, textures, species, and finishes, allowing you to create looks ranging from weathered and rural, to glossy and urban. At Will’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Battavia, NY we can help you create the perfect hardwood flooring looks, geared especially to your needs and tastes. We carry all the leading hardwood plank brands, including Hallmark, Hanover Hills, Rustic River, and Somerset. 

Rustic River hardwood

Wide Plank Hardwood Characteristics

By definition, a “wide plank” board is at least 5” wide, but can be much wider: there are hardwood planks that are over a foot wide. Longer lengths can be called on to create a more seamless style, while giving your space a distinguished look. Plank sizes can even be mixed together to create a customized look.

Like other natural hardwood varieties, your wide plank floor shouldn’t be subjected to excessive moisture or humidity. Options include finished, pre-finished, and unfinished planks. A professional installation is ideal, since wide-plank hardwood can be a challenging install for the uninitiated. One definitely advantage of wider planks is a simple question of economics: larger floor planks mean you won’t have to buy quite as many!


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