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Carpet in Batavia, NY


If you're searching for a premium carpet near you in Batavia, NY, meet your perfect carpet match at Will’s Carpet One Floor & Home! We carry a wide range of beloved carpet brands, including our pet-proof and waterproof Oath carpeting by Resista. A soft, enveloping carpet is on everyone’s home comfort list, and for a good reason! If you’re considering a new carpet, here are things to consider as you shop for carpet.

The Carpet Breakdown: Which Carpet Works Best For Me

With so many options, making carpet choices can seem overwhelming. We suggest that you first consider your space, the activity in the area, and your budget to help your decision process.

What Are the Different Carpet Types?

Not sure which carpet type will work in your space? Here’s a breakdown of our carpet types.


Level Loop: For this carpeting type, loops are left uncut on the carpet’s surface, with a high or low pile height. Level Loop carpet is an extremely durable option for high-traffic areas like living rooms and hallways. It can hide dirt and stains, making it an ideal choice for kids and pets.


Pattern: A mix of high-cut tufts and low loops gives this carpeting beautiful patterning while remaining durable. Pattern carpets are great in high-traffic areas.


Textured: This type of carpeting is made with kinked or curled yarn, and this helps to reduce light reflection. Known as the “trackless” carpeting, it is perfect for medium to high-traffic locations like living rooms and bedrooms.


Frieze: Also known as ‘twists’, the highly twisted yarn used to make this carpeting type makes this carpet a customer favorite compared to other carpeting, thanks to its ability to hide traction marks.


Plush: Perhaps the most luxurious carpeting, this type has a deep, dense pile that gives this carpet a velvet look. This carpeting is prone to vacuum marks and footprints, yet a delustered or non-shiny yarn can help reduce traffic marks.

What If I Want Waterproof Carpet?

We can help with that too! Carpeting can sustain some serious damage thanks to pets and small children, but that doesn’t have to be the case with our carpeting! Our Oath brand waterproof carpeting is made with a plastic-style membrane attached to the backing of the rug. Thanks to its engineered, stain-repellent polyester and waterproof membrane backing, you can enjoy your carpet for years to come!


Where Can My Carpet Be Installed?

You can install carpeting in bedrooms, dens, living rooms, and hallways, just to name a few areas. Stain, wear, and fade-resistant carpeting are perfect for high-traffic areas like stairs, hallways, and even your kids’ playroom. If you have pets or kids, we may recommend choosing a stain-resistant or waterproof carpeting option.


Did you know? We offer professional installation services and select warranties on all of our flooring products!

Our Carpet Selection

Will’s Carpet One Floor & Home specializes in more intelligent ways to floor. We carry the latest carpet brands, including exclusive product lines you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, as part of the Carpet One cooperative with 1,000 stores worldwide, we can offer our customers the largest selections of carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl, and area rugs. Ready to invest in your floors? Visit our showroom at 651 East Main Street in Batavia, NY, to learn more about our carpet inventory.




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Carpet Care


Keep the cleaning to a minimum and enjoy your carpeting with these pro-care tips!