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COREtec Plus

COREtec Plus at Wills Carpet One Floor & Home

The winter months are upon us, and your floors may be seeing more action from wet shoes. There is no doubt that water and temperature changes can have an effect on some hardwood floors. Though you love the unique and natural colors of the wood, it may be time for an upgrade. Before going with another hardwood floor, you may want to consider a luxury vinyl floor. LVT flooring has come a long way over the years and brands like COREtec Plus are changing the way you perceive vinyl.



COREtec Plus Benefits

At Will’s Carpet One Floor & Home our vinyl flooring is just one of our many flooring options we offer. However, it is isn’t just our wide selection of vinyl flooring that separates us from other flooring companies, but being part of the Carpet One COOP. This meaning, you are getting the best possible price on your flooring. So that COREtec luxury vinyl floor you had been eyeing on our website just got a whole lot more appealing. 



COREtec Plus Installation

Over the past few years vinyl flooring has evolved, and is no longer just sheet anymore. With manufactures such as Armstrong, Alterna, COREtec, Transcends, and LVC changing the way people look at vinyl; it no longer is sold as just “vinyl” but as luxury vinyl tile, and as snap together planks. Yet, some may wonder why this is so great. 



Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

COREtec has recently revolutionized the structure and installation process of luxury vinyl installs. Although COREtec looks very similar to hardwood, it is made up of recycled material, is 100% waterproof, and is a floating floor. Unlike your traditional LVT and laminate installation, COREtec, has a cork underlayment so the floors don’t have to be even in order to be installed. Instead, COREtec flooring evens out any inconsistencies.



Eco-Friendly Vinyl Plank Flooring

Along with its solid installation method, COREtec’s eco-friendly recycled materials, including wood, bamboo dust, laminate, and virgin PVC, create a waterproof shield. Whether it is COREtec Plus, XL, HD, or Design, all the products can be installed in wet areas and won’t swell, expand, or contract. 



How Long do Vinyl Floors Last?

COREtec is perfect for any room in your home, though preferably found in kitchens and bathrooms, its similarities to real hardwood can transform any space into a smooth finished look. Nonetheless, due to its moisture and liquid resistance many home owners find it beneficial to have it located in the rooms where water and spills are most typical, but its quiet and warm floor feature makes it easy to span throughout your home.  Even for the larger rooms COREtec never needs expansion strips. 



If you think COREtec flooring is perfect for your home visit Will’s Carpet One Floor & Home showroom in Batavia, NY today. 




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