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hardwood floor with blue sofa

Hardwood Flooring in Batavia, NY


Hardwood floors add status, substance, and style. Proven to add lasting value to your property, hardwood floors can be a stunning addition to many residential and commercial spaces. They’re a wonderful choice if you suffer from allergies. 


Will’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Batavia, NY, offers comprehensive hardwood flooring services to property owners throughout the region. Our team can assist you throughout your journey, finding products fit for your budget, space, and needs. Here are some things you need to know about modern hardwood floors.


Styling Your Hardwood Floor


If variety is what you’re seeking, hardwood floors don’t disappoint.


Made to integrate into a wide range of décor schemes, hardwood floors can be contemporary or classic. There are rustic, weathered planks for vintage-inspired installations and sleek, glossy ones for a more modern design.


Love dramatic textures? Consider trending looks like hickory or walnut planks with heavy color variations, or rustic, hearty oaks with hearty grain patterns.


Types of Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors come from a wide range of tree species.


Domestic and exotic hardwood options include:



Red oak, white oak, and hickory are our most popular choices. One thing to bear in mind: each hardwood species offers up respective benefits and distinct hardness levels. Our flooring specialists can help you determine which options are right for your upcoming project.


What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring? 


Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are impossible to distinguish at a glance.




Where Can I Install Hardwood Floors?


Hardwood flooring needs to be professionally installed and handled with care.


Hardwood floors aren’t a common choice for kitchens and bathrooms since excessive moisture can cause unsightly damage. Solid hardwood floors are best reserved for quiet, dry spaces and have a consistent relative humidity level.


If you seek something with more flexibility, you’d be wise to consider installing engineered hardwood flooring or a waterproof hardwood floor.


Our Hardwood Flooring Selection


Will’s Carpet One Floor & Home is an independently owned and operated North America’s largest flooring cooperative member. Here, you’ll find the best hardwood floors at an outstanding value.


To learn more about our hardwood flooring selection or browse our product displays, please visit us soon at 651 East Main Street in Batavia, NY.