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Laminate floors  in living room with furniture and fireplace

Laminate Floors in Batavia, NY

Laminate flooring was first introduced as an alternative to hardwood flooring. At first, there was no mistaking it for real hardwood. Even though laminate flooring was available in wood looks, it couldn’t truly achieve the authentic character of hardwood. Modern technology has made manufacturing and digital printing far more advanced, and today’s laminate floors perfectly capture the looks of hardwood


Wills Carpet One Floor & Home in Batavia, NY has you and your home covered when it comes to laminate flooring. We have the best laminate flooring in the region, spanning all the most popular styles and trends.


Leaning towards laminate floors? Here’s what you ought to know.




Why Shop for Laminate Flooring with Us

We’re your neighborhood flooring experts and have many advantages over the local chains when it’s time for new laminate floors.

Shop local for laminate flooring and shop better. There are many perks to enjoy when you buy your laminate from Wills Carpet One, including:



How Does Laminate Flooring Compare to Hardwood Floors?

Like hardwood floors, laminate flooring comes in plank form.


Your laminate flooring planks vary in width and length to give a more authentic look. Just like engineered hardwood, laminate flooring is made with layered construction for stability.


Your laminate planks are backed by sturdy support layers and are made to withstand heavy foot traffic and other impacts better than wood. Laminate flooring features resistance to chipping and cracking, and they also won't buckle when exposed to moisture. Laminate flooring features a durable top layer that resists most scratches and scuffs.


Unlike hardwood flooring, your laminate floor doesn’t need finishing or refinishing, and it is easier to clean and maintain.




Is Laminate Flooring Really Waterproof?

All laminate flooring is meant to resist regular moisture and small spills.


Only select laminate flooring options are truly 100 percent waterproof! These reinforced laminate flooring products have a waterproof resin-soaked core, but a rule of thumb should be to know that not all laminate is made to be waterproof.


We highly recommend choosing a waterproof laminate floor for your home’s heaviest splash zones. Install waterproof laminate flooring in your bathroom, finished basement, laundry room, or anyplace where your children and pets tend to hang out.




What’s the Best Room for Laminate Installation?


Laminate flooring is made to look just like real hardwood but is way more flexible in terms of where it can be installed.


You can install laminate flooring planks in different spaces around your home. Commonly you will see laminate floors installed in spaces like:





Wherever you choose to install laminate flooring, it’s important to plan your installation carefully. Most laminate planks lock and click into place to form a floating floor. This aspect appeals to those who prefer to do their own home renovations.


So, should you install your own laminate floor? Not necessarily!


There are many reasons it might be smarter to have your floor professionally installed. You won’t worry about the project taking longer than it should, nor will you stress over the common mistakes you might make. You’ll also know with 100% certainty that even if an accident DOES happen down the road, your floor will be covered under warranty.



Shop for Laminate Flooring in Batavia, New York

Wills Carpet One Floor & Home offers one of the largest selections of laminate flooring around. As proud members of the world’s leading independent flooring cooperative, we’re locally owned and operated, yet our purchasing power is unmatched.


When you shop local, you’re working with local experts, supporting local commerce, and can expect an all around better shopping experience!


Looking to shop for laminate floors near you? Please visit our showroom today at 651 East Main Street in Batavia, New York.

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