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Tile Flooring in Batavia, NY

If you're in the market for new flooring or backsplash, consider tile for your next bathroom or kitchen project. Tile flooring is a strong, durable, and natural option that can transform your home into a functional and open space. We have the best selection of porcelain, ceramic, and stone tiles. We can even help you choose the layout of the design. While performance and longevity are major factors in choosing a product, the critical component is how the tile flooring will look in your home.


At Wills Carpet One Floor & Home in Batavia, New York, our products feature the best warranties in the business. The style of your floor tiles can be the base for the rest of your room’s décor and can even determine it, and when it comes to looks, tile flooring is one of the most versatile options. Tiles can go in designs and patterns because they install as individual pieces. Floor tiles are also available in different shapes and sizes. We are here to help and have professionally trained staff at our showroom to help you navigate our tile flooring selection.


What Are the Different Types of Tile?

When it comes to choosing floor tiles, we offer three main options including ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles. Porcelain and ceramic tile are two of the most popular options, and both use clay and sand. Stone tile on the other hand comes straight from slabs of natural stone and rock.


Which Type of Tile Is Right for My Home?

Porcelain is different from ceramic because it is denser and resistant to heat and moisture. Ceramic tile options are lightweight and budget-friendly and available in an assortment of colors, styles, shapes, sizes, and more.


Porcelain tile is versatile in its application because it can install inside and outside of your home, ceramic is also versatile because it can be installed on floors and walls. Stone tile is a unique flooring option, and because slabs are quarried from widespread locations, no two tiles look the same. When properly sealed stone tiles are waterproof and stain resistant.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?


Can Tile Be Used for More Than Just Flooring?

Tile flooring is especially popular in bathrooms because of how versatile they are. Tiles are not just meant for floors; some tiles can even be installed on walls and even in shower stalls. They are heat and water-resistant, so you never have to worry about damage.


Why Choose Tile Backsplash?

Tile backsplash brings creativity to home design. Since tile is a versatile material, it can merge into different patterns to create a customized backsplash. Pair stone tile with a ceramic tile border or ceramic with a round mosaic every few inches for an eye-catching feature. No matter your preferences, tile is a material that can be exciting and innovative.


With the addition of a tile backsplash, you won’t have to spend time cleaning walls and scrubbing stubborn messes. Tile is one of the easiest ways to keep kitchens and bathrooms minimal maintenance because dirt does not stick to them. Your tile is easily wiped down when mishaps do happen without needing excessive cleaning supplies.

Why Choose Custom-Tiled Showers?

One of the most apparent benefits of a custom-tiled shower is how it looks. When you walk into your bathroom, you will be greeted with a new, pristine design. Sometimes, this is enough to convince a homeowner to upgrade. However, custom-tiled showers carry more benefits with them than just a beautiful home design.


Custom-tiled showers are easy to clean and maintain. Tile is a material that, can be used on both shower walls and floors and it is known for being long-lasting. Tile also doesn’t tend to chip or crack making it ideal for a custom shower due to how often it is used. Your brand-new custom shower won’t need an excessive cleaning routine because it doesn’t collect dust and debris. Who knew that a tile shower would be so easy to maintain while providing such an enhanced bathroom space?


How Do I Prepare for a Tile Installation?

Once you’ve found the perfect tile for your home it’s time to get ready for installation!



Is There Quality Tile Near Me?

Shop with us and you will find a wide selection of quality tiles in Batavia, NY. As a proud member of the Carpet One Floor & Home Cooperative, we offer the best tile brands. Visit us today to learn more or shop our tile online.

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Custom Tile Showers


A custom tile shower may seem like a large project, but you will reap

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